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i am sorry this has taken me so long to express my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful pink basket. It was not just the items in it but that complete strangers were caring enough to help brighten my days. I had my mastectomy on May 22nd and phase 1 reconstruction 2 weeks ago. I feel great and am still very attached to BEAR pillow, Seatbelt Bear and My Pink Throw. My recovery is due to a very special group of professionals, you are a part of. Your part in this journey is not small. I may have left some body tissue in the hospital but came home with a pink basket of comfort items and a heart filled with hope for a healthy future for myself and others knowing that THE BOSOM BUDDY FOUNDATION CARES AND IS PART OF THE TEAM!

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My husband and I truly appreciated the basket. We loved every item that was inside it – but we especially loved that the basket meant someone was thinking of us. Looking at the basket everyday during recovery meant someone cares and someone wishes us well. I cannot say enough for my pink basket. Thank you all so very much!

- Barbara U.