November 20, 2013

About Us

MEET THE FOUNDER – Carolyn Cole-Rodenburg, a 18-year breast cancer survivor, is thechair picture Founder & President of The IIIB’s Foundation, a highly recognized and respected breast cancer charity. She is an exemplary model of someone who has personal knowledge of the physical and emotional effects of breast cancer. Carolyn is determined to fully live her life dedicated to comforting and educating other survivors, their family and friends. She is a dynamic professional who easily communicates with all intellectual levels and shares her knowledge and compassion openly in an attempt to better educate others about important issues faced by women following a breast cancer diagnosis.

Carolyn’s passion is to help women! 1 month following her wedding of April 12, 2002, at the age of 43, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. She survived the life threatening disease as a result of her 1st mammogram she had due to the encouragement of friends. Her diagnosis and survival ignited a passion in her to devote her life to educate women about early detection and to provide resources and comforting items needed during the breast cancer process. She found that there were many people raising money for large corporations to help find the cure, but she felt the lack of support, emotional healing and comfort for those women who may not have time to wait for a cure.

16 years ago, Carolyn turned her personal tragedy into a triumph. In 2004, she was inspired by a dream to create The IIIB’s Foundation. She left her lucrative corporate position in order to provide women with resources to help them through their breast cancer journey and to let them know they are not alone.

Carolyn has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Radford University with many years in successful corporate positions and through her leadership, The IIIB’s Foundation has received numerous recognitions and is considered a voice of comfort and hope in the breast cancer community. Carolyn’s personal experience and connection to her community allows her to provide advice, helpful information and education awareness of breast cancer.

Carolyn’s life is dedicated to promoting recovery after breast cancer surgery. She receives correspondence every day from women thanking her for her product creativity and usefulness, personal insight, providing dignity and hope; and addressing their immediate recovery needs. Many women express gratitude that they did not feel alone during this difficult time and many just thank her for her passion to their ’cause.’ Carolyn has been married to her husband; Mark, for more than 15 years. They have 1 daughter; Stacy, 1 son; Steven, 1 son-in-law; Scotty, 2 grandsons; Chase Patrick and Brixton Cole and 4 Husky Dogs; Sapphire, Savanna, Sasha and Shelby.  Also, Stacy’s cat; Skylar.



Carolyn Cole-Rodenburg, Rita Dailey, Susan Kinsey, Patti Deivert, Dawn Smith & Dianne Fallon

One thought on “About Us

  • Carolyn,
    It was such a pleasure to meet you on Tuesday at my surgery center!
    I have shared your story and your org
    w/ my sister who as I mentioned is an oncology nurse and survivor as well.
    i will keep your info here that I may be able to support it in the future.
    My faith in the inherent goodness that I believe most people possess is always buoyed when I hear of people such as yourself❤
    Wishing you a speedy recovery,
    Best of health and happiness,
    Tracy Kelleher

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