October 18, 2022

Pearson Smith Supports Keri Stone

Pearson Smith is collecting donations to support Arlington County Firefighter and breast cancer survivor, Keri Stone. These donations will be given to The IIIB’s Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to comforting women through the emotional and physical pain of mastectomy breast cancer surgery by providing Bosom Buddy Baskets filled with comfort, recovery and resource items specific for mastectomy surgery.

This is a Note From Keri: I’m humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude that ACFD is standing in solidarity with me as I fight this battle. 898 is a number I carry with pride and honor. To see it on this shirt that represents not only my fight, but a fight others may have to endure in the future, is remarkable. As devastating as this diagnosis has been, it has been amazing to have so much support. I am only as strong as the men and women who surround me. I’m thankful to the union and my ACFD family for their strength and this indelible demonstration of support.


The IIIB’s Foundation is a national 501(C)(3) charitable organization and all contributions to the IIIB’s Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. #45-2048456. The IIIB’s fund 100% of our efforts through donations, sponsorships and fundraising events.

Each $150 gift helps provide a Bosom Buddy Basket to a deserving breast cancer survivor but any and all donation are greatly appreciated.

Your donation helps The IIIB’s Foundation accomplish their mission to ensure no one faces breast cancer alone.


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Print: IIIB’s Foundation Donation Form

Mail to: The IIIB’s Foundation, 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 112, Ashburn, VA 20148

Thank you for your generous donation and for allowing us to make a difference together today!